Oh, Hello
Jan 12 2018

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Welcome! This is my brand new website and blog. In part, it is a simple personal site with information about who I am and what I’m doing. It’s also a platform where I plan to post code-throughs and demos of analytic projects I work on.

There are three primary reasons I made this website:

  1. I wanted to learn how to write, host, and deploy a website using R. The tools I’m using to do this are blogdown, Hugo, GitHub, and Netlify. As someone who was essentially new to html, css, and most things web, Alison Presmanes Hill’s blogdown tutorial was incredibly helpful in guiding my initial setup.

  2. Practice! I haven’t had any formal training in R programming (most in my department use SPSS or Stata), so everything I’ve learned to this point has been from me trying to answer some research question using R and then reading and googling until I figure out how to do it. Having this site will push me to put my analyses into the world and hopefully get feedback and input on my code.

  3. David Robinson told me to. I wouldn’t exactly call myself an “aspiring data scientist,” but I do hope to work in the quantitative social science research field. So others in the field might see some of my code and analysis and want to connect with me. And as David said, “Things that are still on your computer are approximately useless”.

I hope to put up my first analytically post in the next week or so which will answer the burning question: How many woman in New York are pregnant right now?

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