I’m a Senior Analyst in the Office of Research and Analytics at the New York City Administration for Children’s Services. I work on a team that uses child welfare data to produce reports, maps, charts, and tables for weekly ChildStat meetings. I have an academic background in Sociology and Geography, with a focus on statistical modeling, spatial data analysis, and research methodology. I’m interested in using administrative and public data to better understand the provision and delivery of social services.

I like using the R programmng language. I’m currently developing an R package—nycgeo—that contains spatial data files for various geographic and administrative boundaries in New York City as well as tools for working with NYC geographic data. I’m also a contributor to the tidycensus package.

Before I began working at ACS, I spent five years recording oral histories with StoryCorps and helped to open a butcher shop and salumeria called Ends Meat. I received my B.A. in American Studies from Columbia University in 2006 and my M.S. in Applied Social Research from Hunter College in 2018. Check out my resume for more details.

I live in Brooklyn, NY with my wife, Jaime, daughter, Maya, and cats, Isabella, Chuck, and Walter. Get in touch at mfherman@gmail.com.